BURGER KING Fries (Regular)

BURGER KING Fries (Regular) has a average-calorie, average-carb, high-fat and average-protein content.

The food contains 43g of carbs. The carbohydrate profile of the the food reveals it is average in complex carbs and low in Simple carbs. Carbs are our primary source of energy but its source should be chosen with utmost care. Complex carbs are a more desirable addition to your diet, where as simple carbs should be consumed in moderation as it is very easily broken down, assimilated and absorbed in the body. Its sugar content is among the bottom 20 percentile. This is for people watching their sugar intake. With 3 gms of protein, it is average in protein content, which is an important macronutrient that helps with tissue repair, provides energy and improves immunity.

Because of its high fat content, it could be unsuitable option, especially if you're watching your fat intake for health reasons. A quick glance at the fat profile reveals that it is average in saturated fats and low in trans fats. It's low MUFA and low PUFA. In terms of Polyunsaturated Fat content it is ranked in the bottom 20% of all food items. It is also ranked in the bottom 20 percentile in terms of its Monounsaturated Fat content, which are considered among "good fats".

It has a low density of Sodium, thus making it suitable for a low-sodium diet.

It belongs to American cuisine. Ideally consumed as a Main Dish.

Our comprehensive nutrition ranking methodology, which inspects every nutrition element that this food is composed of, comes up with a nutrition ranking of 72, for BURGER KING Fries (Regular), and we advise that this food in moderation.

Calorie Breakdown

 Calories from Protein4%
 Calories from Fat42%
 Calories from Carbs54%

Why this is good for you

  • No Cholesterol
  • No Sodium

Why this is bad for you

Mineral Analysis

Potassium0 mg
Sodium0 mg

Carbohydrate Analysis

Total Carbohydrate43 g14.3%
Dietary Fiber4 g16%
Sugars3 g

Protein Analysis

Protein3 g6%

Fat Analysis

Total Fat15 g23.1%
Saturated Fat4 g20%
Monounsaturated Fat0 g
Polyunsaturated Fat0 g
Total Trans Fatty Acids0 g

Popular Questions Asked

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Amount Per Serving

Calories 326 Calories from Fat 135

% Daily Value *

Total Fat 15 g 23.1%

Saturated Fat 4 g 20%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 0 mg

Total Carbohydrates 43 g 14.3%

Dietary Fiber 4 g16%

Sugars 3 g

Protein 3 g 6%

Vitamin A Vitamin C

Calcium Iron

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet

Source: http://tracker.dailyburn.com/nutrition/burger_king_fries_regular_calories Embed Table:

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