Game meat, horse, raw

Game meat, horse, raw has a average-calorie, low-carb, average-fat and high-protein content. It is a good source of Iron and Niacin.

With 21.52 gms of protein, it is high in protein content, which is an important macronutrient that helps with tissue repair, provides energy and improves immunity.

However, the average fat content makes it suitable if you're on a low-fat diet plan. It's low MUFA and low PUFA.

It gives a good yield of Iron at 3.88 gms/ serving, and should be included in an Iron rich diet. Iron is essential to help carry oxygen from the lungs to the muscles and other organs, and is especially helpful for pregnant women. It has a low density of Sodium, thus making it suitable for a low-sodium diet. It is also an average source of Selenium, which is an important antioxidant especially in combination with vitamin E.

Based on the composite nutritive standing Game meat, horse, raw has been given a composite ranking of 68, and in moderation.

Calorie Breakdown

 Calories from Protein68%
 Calories from Fat32%
 Calories from Carbs0%

Why this is good for you

  • Very high in Protein
  • High in Niacin
  • High in Iron
  • Very low in Sodium

Why this is bad for you

Diet Suitability

Atkins DietHIGH
Low Fat DietHIGH
Zone DietLOW

Vitamin Analysis

Vitamin A0 IU
Retinol0 mcg
Vitamin C1.1 mg1.8%Mid 40%Average
Thiamin0 mg
Riboflavin0 mg
Niacin4.6 mg22.9%Top 30%High
Vitamin B60.35 mg17.6%Top 30%High

Mineral Analysis

Calcium6 mg0.6%Bottom 30%Low
Iron3.9 mg21.6%Top 10%Very High
Phosphorus221.5 mg22.2%Top 30%High
Potassium360.5 mg10.3%Top 30%High
Sodium53.3 mg2.2%Bottom 30%Low
Zinc2.8 mg18.8%Top 30%High
Copper0 mg
Manganese0 mg
Selenium10.2 mcg14.6%Mid 40%Average

Carbohydrate Analysis

Total Carbohydrate0 g
Dietary Fiber0 g

Protein Analysis

Protein21.5 g43%Top 10%Very High
Tryptophan0.4 mg
Threonine1.1 mg
Isoleucine1.1 mg
Leucine1.8 mg
Lysine1.8 mg
Methionine0.4 mg
Cystine0.4 mg
Phenylalanine0.7 mg
Tyrosine0.7 mg
Valine1.1 mg
Arginine1.4 mg
Histidine0.7 mg
Alanine1.1 mg
Aspartic Acid2.1 mg
Glutamic Acid3.2 mg
Glycine1.1 mg
Proline1.1 mg
Serine0.7 mg

Fat Analysis

Total Fat4.6 g7.1%Mid 40%Average
Saturated Fat1.4 g7.1%Mid 40%Average
Monounsaturated Fat1.8 g
Polyunsaturated Fat0.7 g

Other Nutrients Analysis

Water72.7 g
Ash1.1 g

Popular Questions Asked

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Amount Per Serving

Calories 38 Calories from Fat 12

% Daily Value *

Total Fat 1.3 g 2%

Saturated Fat 0.4 g 2%

Trans Fat

Cholesterol 14.8 mg 4.9%

Sodium 15.1 mg 0.6%

Total Carbohydrates 0 g

Dietary Fiber 0 g


Protein 6.1 g 12.2%

Vitamin A Vitamin C 0.5%

Calcium 0.2% Iron 6.1%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet

Source: http://calorielab.com/foods/game/game-meat-horse-raw/78/17170/1 Embed Table:

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