Pizza Pizza Barbeque Chicken Medium Pizza

Pizza Pizza - Pizza Pizza Barbeque Chicken Medium Pizza has a very high-calorie, very high-carb, very high-fat and very high-protein content.

With 84 gms of protein, it is very high in protein content, which is an important macronutrient that helps with tissue repair, provides energy and improves immunity.

Because of its very high fat content, it could be unsuitable option, especially if you're watching your fat intake for health reasons.

It has a very high density of Sodium, thus making it unsuitable for a low-sodium diet.

It belongs to Italian cuisine. Ideally consumed as a Main Dish.

Based on the composite nutritive standing Pizza Pizza - Pizza Pizza Barbeque Chicken Medium Pizza has been given a composite ranking of 58, and in moderation.

Calorie Breakdown

 Calories from Protein20%
 Calories from Fat18%
 Calories from Carbs62%

Why this is good for you

  • Very high in Protein

Why this is bad for you

  • Very high in Sodium

Mineral Analysis

Sodium4560 mg190%

Carbohydrate Analysis

Total Carbohydrate266 g88.7%

Protein Analysis

Protein84 g168%

Fat Analysis

Total Fat34 g52.3%

Popular Questions Asked

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Amount Per Serving

Calories 1736 Calories from Fat 306

% Daily Value *

Total Fat 34 g 52.3%

Saturated Fat

Trans Fat


Sodium 4560 mg 190%

Total Carbohydrates 266 g 88.7%

Dietary Fiber


Protein 84 g 168%

Vitamin A Vitamin C

Calcium Iron

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet

Source: http://tracker.dailyburn.com/nutrition/pizza_pizza__pizza_pizza_barbeque_chicken_medium_pizza_calories Embed Table:

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