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Miguel, 40, Diabetic

A few years ago, I went to see a doctor because I had problems controlling the bladder. I had to frequently go to the restroom, and it was getting worse. At first, I thought it was because I had gained some weight, but was wearing tight clothes. In the hope of losing the weight back, I had not bought bigger clothes, and my tight pants used to dig into my abdomen.

Even though I was trying to lose weight, it didn.t seem to budge. I was adding more and more weight. Finally, I had to update my wardrobe and buy bigger clothes.

When the urinary problem still didn't go away, I had to see a doctor.

The doctor checked my bloodwork and broke the news to me that I had very high blood sugar levels. Which needed controlling immediately with diet and exercise. I was declared a pre-diabetic and had to get in control of my weight and body, if I wanted to avoid long term medications. I was an adopted child and was unaware of the medical history of my biological parents. So I hadn't seen this coming at all.

I had started with light exercise already, but it has not helped with the weight. And at 40, I had no clue where to get started with a diet plan. I knew that with my travel and eating most of my meals outside, I wouldn't be able to follow a diet plan any way. My doctors told me that the easiest way to control my advanced diabetes was to read the label of each and every product I ate. I started doing that but it didn.t help a whole lot. I got further confused because I couldn.t understand half the stuff that was listed.

In my baffled state of mind, I resorted to the internet and with luck, landed on My life has changed since . I am able to look up millions of foods on and judge whether appropriate for my condition or not. even has a neat ranking system that allows me to pick out at first sight the foods that are good for me and those that aren't.

Life has become a lot easier. Now I make it a point to look up nutrition information on they even offer very helpful information for home cooked meals.

I have since lost 22 lbs, my clothes fit me better. I test my blood sugar every day and am able to keep it under control. There are of course, days when I can.t be as sincere about my diet as I need to be, and it directly impacts my blood sugar readings. At such times helps put me back on track by making healthy choices over the next few meals, often nullifying the effects of that one bad meal.

Rose, 29, Gained Weight during Pregnancy

When I was pregnant, my OB/GYN advised me to gain no more than 30 lbs. However, before I had crossed 25 weeks, I had already gained 32 lbs. On top, I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Coming from a family of diabetics, this was my biggest fear. After my diagnosis, I started eating healthier. And avoiding fast food. We had always eaten a lot of fast food, but now if we went out to eat, I had to make healthier choices. was a big savior at such times. It provides detailed data about millions of foods including fast foods. I needed to not only watch my sugar intake, but also make sure that I was getting enough calcium, iron and protein in my diet. has derived an extensively researched formula that would analyze and compare different foods based on its detailed nutritive value. The result is that each food is assigned with a single number. A Nutrition Rank, which would make your life a whole lot simpler. And I could compare foods and decide which was better or worse.

Even after all that precaution, I ended up gaining 54 lbs during that pregnancy. Once my son, Jason was born, I had to still work on losing all that weight. NutritionRank has been my lifeguard during the post-partem process as well. I still need to work off 15 lbs, but has shown me a new way of living and now I'm confident, I'll be able to lose it. In fact, has helped my whole family and changed the way we look at food and how we manage our diet! A big thank you!

John, 32, Runner

When I trained for my first marathon, I was excited that besides taking on a personal and physical challenge, it would also help me lose weight. I learned the hard way that training for a marathon doesn't mean you'll lose weight or even maintain it. I gained almost 15 pounds during my first marathon and another 5 pounds for my second one. I know a lot of endurance runners who are slim and trim, but I realized my body was unlike theirs. When I run long distances, I burn a lot of calories. This also makes me eat a lot of calories to recover. I ended up gaining weight because I ate more than my body needed. I definitely got fitter for all the exercise, but I did not look it.

I just started training for the 3rd marathon and this time I wanted to do it right. Even if I don.'t lose any weight, I wanted to make sure I don't gain any. I learned that endurance runners need a certain diet. 50-65% complex carbohydrates, 20-25% protein, 15-20% unsaturated fat. I knew some of this before but didn't really follow it. This time I wanted to and it was easy as far as I picked up packaged foods. But it became so hard to determine nutrition content of foods when eating out. Worse, I was recommended to eat fresh produce, but how does one determine the nutrition content of foods from the produce aisle?

That's when I was recommended by a fellow runner. It has been great ever since. I can now look up any food I need to. The good, the bad, everything. has more than a million foods in their database and they provide detailed label information, not just for packaged foods, but also for cooked meals, fresh produce and restaurant menus. This is amazing for me. I have started eating right and have already lost 4 lbs. If I work to this plan, by the time I run my marathon, I would have lost the 20 lbs I gained during last two marathons and an additional 5 lbs!

Jenna, 36, Oscillating weight problems

I have fought obesity for almost my entire life. There were times when I was thin, or at least not fat, but to be that way required either no food, drugs, or a combination of barely any food and too much exercise. At 15 years old I weighed 182 pounds. I'm 5.3", so you can imagine how that looked. Through drugs and walking 8 miles three days a week and not eating, I dropped 47 lbs in college. This was great but then the weight crept back in.

As I got married, and had my two children, I kept my weight between 150-170 lbs. And then the divorce happened. I fought the weight really hard this time and was able to bring it down to 115 lbs through intense exercise and eating only half a sandwich a day. It was really hard to keep up, and I couldn't. Before I knew I was back to 165 lbs.

This had become the pattern of my life. I'd lose 10-15 lbs through an intense program, most of it in water weight. But within a few months, I'd balloon up by an additional 30-40 lbs. By my mid 30s, I'd reached a record weight of 220 lbs. I was getting tired of these peaks and trenches and was considering surgery. I had even sent in my application to the "Biggest Loser" but didn't get called. Then one day, in the checkout line of my supermarket, I saw Jillian Michael.s book "Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism". I picked it up and started reading it. That night I didn't go to sleep as I read into early hours of morning. Jillian has herself combated weight and knows what it is like. In her book, she offers a lot of insight into the physiology of diets and exercise. My key take out from that book, was that all these years, I'd been reading "calorie" and "fat" content on food labels and making my choices. Those are important, but it is extremely important to make sure your body gets the right nutrients: protein, calcium, phosphates, minerals. It was a new way of doing things and I was so lost at first. I would spend hours reading labels and trying to decide which products to pick. It was a way that was working for me. For the first time in my life, I was steadily losing a pound/week. But it took a lot of work to find out nutrition details of foods.

That's when I found There are millions of foods listed here and I can make decisions about which foods to eat and avoid. I can actually choose from more than a million foods, which ones will be whole and healthy and I can compare them to other choices! It has been incredible and I.m still losing weight. At this rate, I will lose 120 lbs by the end of the year. I have already lost 40 and am very excited. For the first time in my life, I'm doing something right. Thank you, Jillian and many thanks to

Overweight problems

Last month one of my friends who was taking diet advice from me was to go to Zurich for 3 weeks. Now since we both were not 100% sure of things she might get over there, i gave her something known as exchange list (a list of food groups along with servings allowed) and to be doubly sure I asked her to make it a practice to refer to daily.

Each morning she would spend 30 mins to prepare a menu for herself and crosscheck the same with the exchange list and

She had just called to say that she has lost 6.5kgs over this period!