NutritionRank helps you discover healthy foods that also taste great!

Best Nutrition Search Engine

“Finding reliable nutrition data is hard. Sometimes you want information for ingredients that you have, or recipes that you are making, or even dishes on menu at the restaurants. Where can you find all this in one place?”

We begin simple — as a search engine! But a very powerful and reliable search engine, nonetheless. Search for any food you like — by category, by brand, by nutrients! So you can search for “protein” or “chicken” or “Tyson”.

Our goal is to solve problems of users who are trying to eat healthy and therefore seeking nutrition information, which can be frustrating. We cover over 1 million foods including homemade recipes, global cuisines, special ingredients, restaurant foods and packaged products.

Rank Algorithm

“How does the ranking algorithm work?”

The rank is a great indicator — we even grade the ranks by color. When the rank is low, the food is simply low in nutrition and/or has higher than acceptable volumes of potentially harmful constituents such as sodium, trans fats etc. The converse is true for a higher ranking and corresponding green color. Simply put, a red color indicates a bad food items or “eat at your peril” and green indicates a good food or “go right ahead.”

Upon clicking any of the food results, you will find a detailed nutrition analysis giving the breakdown of carbohydrates, fat, protein, alcohol and water content. A brief review that sums up the good, bad and the ugly.

Real Search With Real Alternatives

“Your typical day at the office is spent in front of a computer. When you go online to search for nutrition information, you find all these sites full of blue links, and no real information. Isn't it frustrating?”

Find “real” food suggestions for every search, not blue links, not scrappy listings but real results. You can search from over a million foods, and narrow down your results based on 50 different criteria.

Looking for cheese, which is low in fat and high in calcium? Just use the filters and get relevant search results.

Find Substitutes

“You found out the hard way that it is easy to make mistakes when choosing the right food. Not all kinds of pizza are unhealthy and not all smoothies are healthy! makes it so easy to find healthier alternatives!”

Knowing what foods to avoid is great! But we know what's even better — knowing what to eat with minimal compromise on taste, budget or even effort!

Our nutritionists and scientific analysts have worked together to come up with a rigorous algorithm that helps you arrive at acceptable, informed choices for eating healthy, tasty meals. We will even find you substitutions in the restaurants you visit (English muffin at McDonald's instead of the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit).

Foods Ranked By Nutrition Value

“Eating healthy is so hard. You were told apples are healthy, but can you eat oranges instead? Salads are generally meant to be healthy, but someone told you the Chipotle Salad was a calorie bomb! Can't there be a simpler way to understand nutrition?”

We do exactly what you would expect us to do — we help you rank millions of food items as per their nutrition composition and your health requirements. Our goal is to help you make sense out of mountains and seas of nutrition data available and use it to your benefit.

Diet Suitability

“You are on a special diet — Atkins, and thus have trouble finding foods that you can eat while on the diet?”

Whether you're on the Zone diet or if you're a vegetarian, vegan or on a gluten free diet, we will provide details with every food item. Yes, you read that correct. And yes, we have millions of food items in our database. So you're right, you'll find the diet suitability information for every single food item. We're good, eh?

Food Comparison

“You try to eat healthy and roughly know what food items are considered healthy or unhealthy. However, you've always struggled to understand what was better or worse for you?”

Who said you cannot compare apples to orange? At, you can! Or any other food for that matter! We have a fantastic comparison tool, which will help to make the better choice, or at least know how much worse your choice is.